Sometimes our lives seem controlled by the hectic pace of the daily activities that prevents us from observing our surroundings in a clearer way. Lickanantay Geotourism invites you to take a break, focus on yourself and connect with the Earth.

We offer excursions from the coastal edge to the high Andes, seeking to promote the enjoyment in simple terms about the Earth sciences.


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We provide filming, consulting and workshops related to Earth sciences.



The ocher landscape of the Atacama Desert amazes with its extensive dunes, colorful hills unpopulated with vegetation, crystalline beaches and high Andean landscapes with volcanic peaks that exceed 6,000 meters above sea level.
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Tours on Atacama

We have 10 regular and 6 specialized circuits that traverse the geological history of the Atacama region, from the coastal edge to the high Andes.



Awaken the passion for science.


Your journey in the heart of Atacama has begun, an adventure that portrays the geology and immensity of our desert. You will discover captivating coasts, fertile valleys, extensive dune fields and mountain landscapes that dazzle with their colors.

Chañaral province

Chañaral province

Organized in two communes; Chañaral and Diego de Almagro, this territory is known for its charming landscapes of great cultural and heritage value. If you visit these lands, we invite you to enjoy the energetic Qhapac Ñam (Inca Trail), the cave paintings of the Finca de Chañaral, the Pedernales salt flat, and Pan de Azúcar National Park.

Copiapó Province

Copiapó Province

Constituted by three communes; Caldera, Tierra Amarilla and Copiapó, the latter the regional capital. The diverse landscapes of this territory attract glances with unforgettable postcards. We recommend the surprising Mar de Dunas, the paradisiacal beaches of the Caldera commune, Las Pinturas gorge, Laguna Verde and the magical landscapes of the Nevado Tres Cruces National Park.

Huasco Province

Huasco Province

Located in the southernmost area of our desert, it is made up of four communes; Vallenar, Alto del Carmen, Freirina and Huasco. This province is a destination full of surprises where it is possible to appreciate in its maximum expression the phenomenon of Desierto Florido (flowering desert) in the Llanos de Challe National Park. We also suggest you visit the imposing Huasco Valley and the Chañaral de Aceituno cove, located a few meters from the Humboldt Pinguinos National Reserve.

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