Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., recommends a careful reading of the general conditions that are attached and submitted according to Law No. 19.496, which establishes the rights on consumer protection.

By accepting these conditions, you, as a customer, declare: having read and understood all the obligations and responsibilities found in this section.


  • The conditions set here are exclusively for the purchase on the Internet and tourist service benefits.
  • Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., recognizes all the rights, guarantees according to the law granted and adheres to the “Code of Good Practices for E-Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce”, which is available at
  • When making any purchase by this means, the customer must follow and complete all the steps established on the website. At the end of the purchase transaction, a backup copy will be sent to you by email.
  • The cancellation of the reservation is subject to charge in accordance with the cancellation policies of each contracted service.
  • Bank credit card transactions are authorized by Transbank S.A. and will be processed in Chilean pesos. It is important to consider that the conditions of use of the credit card and interest are the sole responsibility of the issuing entity.
  • The client is prohibited from being under the consumption of drugs and / or alcohol.
  • The company is not responsible for loss of personal effects left inside the vehicles or somewhere along the routes.
  • The company is not responsible for the automatic cancellation in situations of force majeure such as: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, epidemics, diseases, weather, strikes, wars, government restrictions or any other event that does not allow the realization.
  • Pets are not accepted on the trip. We take care of and respect our natural environment.


In the event of any query or claim, associated with the use of the website, or for the contracting of a tourist itinerary or other service, we designate the representative Badith J. Muñoz, who will be in charge of addressing your concerns.

Operation Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00

15:00- 18:00


Phone: +569 71362736

If you require the rectification, elimination of data or advertising directed from the company, you can do it through the email: , indicating in the subject "Privacy request".


Before starting a purchase or reservation of any tourist itinerary or service, we recommend a review of the conditions and terms associated with the request for change and / or cancellation.

The personalized tourist itineraries are divided into: full day excursions and travel programs of two and more days, which stand out for providing a quality service, according to customer requirements. In the case of requesting a "special service" (be it a Chef, professional photographer, etc.) you must contact us at least 48 hours in advance to confirm your request. You will be charged an additional, according to the requirements you request.

All personalized tourist itineraries must be carried out with a daily minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 8 people. The price can be adjusted according to the scale of clients who attend the service. If the number of clients increases than initially budgeted, we generate the proportional reimbursement to the clients who attended.

In the case of itineraries for schools, companies or through an intermediary, they must quote by requesting the email: , indicating in the subject "Quotation for companies".

Prices can change without prior notice, according to the article 53 ° of Decree-Law 825 on Sales Tax and resolution No. 6289 of October 29, 1998 issued by the SII (Internal Revenue Service) it is not possible to exchange a ticket for an invoice, so it is the customer's responsibility to correctly request the document. You have no option in return.

To generate a reservation for any personalized tourist itinerary, you must have at least 3 days in advance requested, where you must make the 50% payment. In this case, an advance payment coupon is sent to you in the shopping cart, you also have the option of payment by electronic transfer, making it through the email: , indicating in the subject "Reservation payment". The rest must be paid before starting the tourist service.

If the customer does not show up within the minute of the activity, they are limited to 10 minutes of waiting. Otherwise, the service is canceled and it will not be returned as a reservation, to cover the operational costs involved in organizing the service.


Itinerary changes are possible as long as they are available and do not generate additional costs for Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd. Otherwise, the cost of itinerary changes will be borne by the client.

In case of a meteorological event, we give the opportunity to reschedule and program the tourist itinerary for a period of one year, without associated cost.

In case of changes for itineraries in schools, companies or through an intermediary, the corporate agreement that was made will be applied.

If you wish to change the date of any personalized tourist itinerary, it must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of the service.


Cancellations of personalized tourist itineraries with more than 48 hours before the service will have a charge of 5% of the canceled value.

Cancellations of personalized tourist itineraries between 48 to 24 hours before the service will have a charge of 50% of the canceled value.

Cancellations with less than 12 hours in advance of the service will not have a refund due to operating costs.

In the case of cancellation of reservations for schools, companies or through an intermediary, the corporate agreement that was made will be applied.


To contract a tourist itinerary or any other service, our site has a "Shopping Cart" system, for which you must follow the following steps:

In the «Routes» section you will find a list of the tours and programs that we offer. Depending on your preferences, you should select the "Add to cart" option and it will immediately be added to the "Shopping cart" icon, located in the upper right corner of the site.

You can press the "Shopping Cart" icon to display it and view the quantity and price of your selections. If you have finished this step, press «Buy».

When selecting "Buy", a new window will open in which you must fill in the buyer's information (Name, I.D. Number, Address, Email, contact telephone number) and verify the quantity and prices of the services / products you selected.

To finalize the purchase, you must read and tick the box "Legal terms and conditions".

To contract photographic services and/or educational workshops, you must request a quote by email: , indicating in the subject "Quote for XX-XX", where you can specify your needs. Also, you can call +569 71362736. The method of payment for these services is by electronic transfer, and the purchase receipt will be processed by the billing system.


Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd. accepts the following payment methods:

  • Bank credit card Mastercard, Visa, Dinners Club International or American Express under the RedCompra system.
  • Bank debit cards covered by the RedCompra system, issued in Chile by national banks.
  • Electronic payment through Paypal account.
  • Electronic transfer.
  • Cash (Chilean Peso, Dollar, and Euro). Only by purchasing at the official branch.

Payment by credit and debit cards is made through the WebPay Plus portal, an electronic payment system that is responsible for making the automatic charge from the bank account.

In the case of PayPal payment or electronic transfer, you can do it by requesting by ​email​:, indicating in the subject "Payment request".


Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., as a company, declares itself against any practice of exploitation of human beings, in any of all its forms, and in particular when it may affect minors.

At the end of 2021, we commit ourselves to adhere to the code of conduct, presenting an internal protocol that allows us to prevent, identify and act in the face of any situation.

In the event of any crime, it is recommended that you contact 133 or 134 (Chilean emergency numbers) and file a complaint.


The purpose of this policy is to achieve a continuous improvement in safety, occupational health and environmental plans and programs, which means, assumes with will and commitment maintaining high standards focused on Safety and Environment, allowing to facilitate the identification, evaluation, control and/or elimination of risks in the internal production work and during excursions, thus minimizing incidents, accidents, and injuries to our workers, clients and, respectively, damage to the environment.

Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., declares its commitment to the Occupational Safety and Health of workers and clients in all its scientific tourism activities as well as in adventure tourism, which is aware of its responsibility regarding the protection of its staff and clients. In accordance with this policy, Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., declares the following commitments:

  • It will comply with current legislation and regulations applicable to Safety, Occupational Health and the Environment, and will responsibly implement internal standards when there are no laws or regulations that regulate risk control in any activity.
  • It will reduce risks by identifying, evaluating, controlling and/or eliminating its activities, tasks and services that affect safety, the integral health of people and the environment, implementing preventive and corrective actions.
  • It will be developed in a risk-free environment for workers and clients, forming an education of excellence in self-care.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. For this reason, we are committed to preventing pollution, promoting waste recycling, incorporating cleaner work methods and sustainable practices in the use of energy resources, water and waste management, generating an ecological awareness in our country.
  • Develop and influence in our workers and clients a culture of responsible conduct in matters of Safety, Occupational Health and Environment, through awareness and continuous training, so that this Policy becomes a way of life inside and outside of work.
  • The Administration of the company is committed to implementing and applying improvement practices in scientific tourism as well as in adventure tourism, following our low-impact principles regarding the "Leave no trace" program.
  • This policy will be delivered and communicated to workers, collaborators, clients, suppliers and will be available to interested parties.

To comply with the commitments indicated in this integrated policy, Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., establishes to motivate and raise awareness in each person who works in it, to get them to get involved and collaborate to comply with and enforce our Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Policy.

8. SAFETY (insurance)

Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., Recognizes and is aware of the risks and dangers that may arise in any tourist activity, that is why it requires you to prove your good health through a certification, otherwise the client must expressly declare the exemption of responsibility against Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., since the company will not be responsible for any illness derived from medical conditions without supported confirmation. (ADVENTURE SPORTS ACTIVITIES).


All content included in this website (images, videos, logos, text, button icons, digital downloads, data storage, and or any other material) is all under the reserved rights by Law 17,336 on Intellectual Property, by means this content is expressly prohibited for the use of third parties for personal or commercial purposes other than for strategic partners of the company, unless express authorization is requested in writing to the email:, indicating in the subject "Request for intellectual material” , in which the approval will be evaluated.

Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., respects the intellectual material of third parties. If you consider something that violates or infringes intellectual rights, we would appreciate that you contact us to solve and avoid any problem.


Lickanantay Geoturism Ltd., is governed with all the terms and conditions based on the laws of the Chilean Republic, if any change is made, it will be complying with the modifications according to the current regulations.