Educational Workshops

We disseminate geology through theoretical-practical workshops aimed at schoolchildren and / or professionals.


Geological risks

Living in Chile implies that each of its inhabitants at some point in their life faces a natural catastrophe. The dizzying growth, occupation and lack of observation has led the population to build in areas that are not suitable, being subject to volcanic risks, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods or gravitational movements. Having clarity of territorial dynamism improves our preparation and acting about it.

Atacama geoheritage

How can we preserve our natural patrimony if we don’t know about it? Our region is blessed with exceptional geological sites, many of them unknown.

We invite you to be part of the change; a workshop aimed at promoting citizen empowerment through knowledge.

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Geology in national parks

The perfect workshop for those who love nature. We seek to deliver in a simple and explanatory way the wonderful geological history of the three national parks of the Atacama region (Nevado de Tres Cruces, Llanos de Challe and Pan de Azúcar).

We teach you to listen to a living territory, with constant changes over time, to see beyond the dazzling landscapes.

Videos and photos

We provide filming and photos, delivering pure or edited material.

Geological Surveys

We carry out cartographic surveys, geological characterizations, aerial photogrammetry and support of projects of various kinds related to Earth sciences.

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